Guess what we had for dinner last night?

What's cooking

Still not sure? Does this help?

What's cooking

What about this one?

What's cooking

The cat sure loves the aroma – mmm, don’t think I’ll be feeding him any though.

Watcha looking at

Umm, um, yum. I spy me some Falafels.

Yum, falafels.

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10 Responses to Yummo

  1. Hay says:

    Mmmm yum, only, I’m scared of falafel, tell me it’ll be okay?

    So this is it huh? Change my links to here? :)

  2. mum says:

    Hi love,

    they look awesome, I really must learn to make these – can you give me a quick reciepe and how to. You know I am a really basic cook but these were great when we had them at your house.

    me and cooking, well, I don’t know. I can cook the roasts, stews and cakes but thats about it.

    hope your having a great day.

    love mum

  3. Donna Murphy says:

    hi there Bird Clan
    hope your all well? Like the clean line look to your site.
    lots of love
    the murphys

  4. Jacinta says:

    Hay, they don’t bite back – lol. Yep this is gunna be my new home. Thanks for the bloggy award too!!!

    Mum, easy peasy. Come down at Easter and I’ll give you another demo.

    Hi smurfs *waves*.

  5. lol i will speak my mind.
    but first i have to ask:
    how do you take your coffee???

  6. couldn’t wait to speak my mind:
    i am s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g. and it’s midnight.
    see what a fabulously bad influence you are on me?
    i am driven to make TOMATO ON VOGELS.
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm X

  7. Jacinta says:

    Haha Katie. This theme’s pretty cool ah? I love the whole “got something to say? speak you mind”. It was all just part and parcel with the package – gotta love that Brian Gardner. He has free theme’s on his website. The linkee’s down the bottom in the footer.

    Umm, I like my coffee hot, strong, but wait – plenty of milk and a level teaspoon of sugar!!!! I hate oversweet coffee, and and I hate burnt coffee. Im so fussy.

    But Ninja Katie, you must be strong – resist the carbs!!! (I so totally use Ninja in the wrong context – but pfftt – I’m in my 30’s).

  8. you are *not* fussy.
    i embarrassingly do *not* drink anything ‘cept espresso.
    from a machine.
    that’s no sugar, no milk, no plunger, no stove top, absolutely no *whispers* instant *cringe*

    cos my fave part of the short black is the crema.
    and the chocolate covered coffee bean.
    and mum’s divine almond biscotti which is nearly all almond and hardly any ‘scotti.

    i wonder if all aucklanders are this fussy???
    just so glad to know there is a *kindred spirit* out there in coffee-land, even if you do wreck the heavenly liquid with milk and sugar….
    mwah X

  9. Jacinta says:

    Katie you are so French – no milk ha. My French teacher at high school said it was offensive to put milk in a hot drink, and if you asked for milk, it would likely be heated.

    I will only drink Moccana instant. I didn’t realise you could buy refills, so I have a huge stash of glass jars. And if hubby is not home to drive the fandangled expresso machine with all its buttons and sticky out milk frothing thingo, I cook real coffee on my stovetop expresso (which I’m still experimenting with), or brew it in the plunger. I can not tolerate milk in plunger coffee though. I have so many weird coffee quirks … I started out as a tea drinker, but unless I’m drinking tea made by my mum in her bone china cups, it just doesn’t taste right – lol.

    Growing up my nana used to call me the “mona lisa” because I moaned so much: “I don’t eat peas Nana”.

    PS: It’s my complexion isn’t it. I’m 31 (shhhh) and the scarey thing is, over Christmas I noticed I’m starting to get greys around my hairline – eekk.

  10. Yep, ALL Aucklanders are that fussy. Apparently ya’ll have entitlement issues 😉

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