Our silly noodle of a labradoodle

Instead of neutering our dog Jack Black, we’ve decided to put him into stud to pay for his vet bills. After nearly a week of not eating, he had surgery last weekend to extract a pair of knickers and a sock from his nether-regions. Got his stitches removed today, and the grand total has come to $1259.40 {excuse me for a minute while I pick myself up off the floor}.

So if anybody wants to breed their labradoodle or spoodle with Jack, and make cute and lovable little itty bitty fluffy labradoodles or labraspoodles, feel free to contact me …. he’s in some pretty bad debt at the moment, and he’s willing to “give it a shot”, lol. He also loves a good snowball fight, and he’s got a non-shedding fleece coat. 😉

Snowball fight

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  1. mum says:

    Oh my goodness, he will need to produce a lot of littles to pay that back.

    Isnt he cute though, he certainly looks like hes made up for the week of not eating.

    It looks likes Xaviers having lots of fun in the snow, did it last long?

    How was everyones weekend, hows was really full on. packing and organizing and just really tiring. Looking for somewhere to live as well.

    Hope your week goes well, love to all. mum

  2. Hay says:

    FAR OUT. I’d say stronger, but I know your mother reads. If Gilby did that, Mr Music would be taking him on a long drive, and returning alone.
    Sheesh, my next husband is going to be a vet, for sure.

  3. kaylee says:

    Jeesh is he okay now?

  4. katie says:

    sorry to lol but the knickers images are rather funny.
    it seems we are always on a sox/knickers hunt.
    and we can’t blame our non-existent dog.
    great idea to breed.
    gorgeous snowy photo X

  5. Donna says:

    hi there folks
    what a charactor you dog is! how old is he now? still in the puppy stage? I remember what Bow was like when we first got him, although, he swallowed anything (not that we new of anyways!).
    Hope you guys are all well and keeping warm down your way?
    Love to all.
    The Smurphs

  6. mum says:

    Hello my southern darlings.

    how is everybody today?

    I hope its warm there and everyone is keeping toasty.

    Its hectic here at the moment, surprise suprise.

    We are unconditional on the land today, so Waipu will be ours in 3 weeks.

    Joe and Rachel checked out the house we thought we would rent and thought it was too small, well it is but its the best we could so far find. So for now they will move in with Rachels Mum and we will Rent the murphys flat.

    This weekend we are off to the Paihia, Carols gift to us for our 33 rd wedding anniversary. http://www.edgewaterapartments.co.nz/

    It looks lovely, so we are going Friday after work for two days. And of course we will call in to the land at Waipu.

    Then we have to move out the weekend after that, the 21st. It doesnt settle till the 27th but thats a Friday. But then if we move to Murphys we can do stuff sooner so that helps.

    I can’t belive we have been married for 33 years, and together for 36. Its just gone so fast, nevermind I still love your dad\popsey very much and we seem to be going strong. We do try to not piss each other off too often since we are so different. But isnt that whats marriage is about.

    Better go off and do some work.

    Lots of love to you all.


  7. mum says:

    Hi Guys, had a wonderful time at Edgewater Apartments in Paiha.
    The place was 5 star appartments and the website does not do it justice, it was just lovely. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, huge, beautiful and headed floors. It was really decadent. Absolutely lovely, and would love to go back.

    It was a lovely way to spend our anniversary that for sure.

    Have a great day and lots of love to you all.


  8. mum says:

    Hi Guys, hope all is well.

    We are moving on the weekend, and house is expected to settle the next Friday.
    After that I hope to book and come down and see you all.

    Will give you a call later today to say HI. Hope everyone is well and keeping toasty warm.

    lots of love mum

  9. Sarah Bean says:

    um, what? Are you saying he ATE knickers and socks? Strange wee doggy.
    Sooo cute though. And I love the non-shedding bit, I need me one of those!

  10. mum says:

    Hello guys, hope you all are enjoying the “not so >>>>>> freezing” weather you are having. Not a patch on the first winter when we were there.

    Well, busy packing tonight the and moving roses etc. Amazing how much work shifting is. I hate it. Hopefully just one more after this.

    How are the wee munchkins? It was so good to have a quick chat last night. Will call you tonight. Wasn’t Xavier funny, he said hello and that was it, I had to do all the talking, but then I generally do and he just joins in when hes ready.
    Xanthe talked more than she usually does at well.
    I am soo looking forward to seeing you all again. We will organize it after next week..

    I will come down for Friday to Monday type thing and Dad for the weekend. Thats the plan anyway, will talk with you later re dates.

    Love to you all.


  11. kaylee says:

    stooped by to say hi!

  12. mum says:

    Hi love, called you last night, no reply.

    Nevermind, will try again tonight.

    Is your sister okay? I called her two and left messages?

    love to all.

  13. mum says:

    Hi love.

    Hows it going.

    We are still unpacking and trying to get organized.
    The phone isnt on yet, but when it is will give you a call in the evening.

    So tired, I slept on the train coming home today. Really slept, it was quite funny.

    Dads snoring on the couch. I think its safe to say we are feeling our age(even if we dont look it).

    Nevermind. Hope you are all well and keeping busy.

    Lots of love to you all. And if you need us and get us on the mobile, you can try Aunty Donnas, 828 5875.

    hugs to everyone!!!


  14. mum says:

    hi love.

    I just realised that Xanthe is wearing a wee necklace in the autumn photos you have here. Is that one you made? Is it a pearl necklace ( like my bracelet you have)? I wear the bracelet you gave me wiht the pink flowers in the Green glass beads everyday, in fact I never take it off except to dye my hair. Lots of people comment on how lovely it is.

    But isnt Xanthe really is girly in that outfit and the little necklace and Xavier so boyish, he just looks llike hes having the best fun in those photos.

    I just realised that I can sew even if I can’t knit, so perhaps I can make the kids a funky dressing gown with the neat polar fleece thats around, or some loose over tops or something. What do you think? I am not producing anything else related to knitting or crochet ro sewing is not hard on the hands.

    How are the wee munckins? I just checked out some flights for post Friday. The soonest I can come would be around 19th July, but Xanthe goes back to school the next Monday which is a shame. Its a shame the timing wasnt better, but nevermind. I can’t book them till after the house settles – Friday. But I will book as soon as I can. My contract here finished on the 18th, but I expect it will continue for a little longer and there is a job here I intend to apply for, so around the 18th would be best I think.

    Would that timing be okay for you guys?

    I hope the phone is on tonight, althought I am not too hopeful, just have to wait till it happens. I have my last pattern making class tonight until the the 4th term. Thats going well, although its been a bit slow this term because some people have really struggled with the tops, never mind.

    Better go back to work.
    have a great day.

    love to all.

  15. mum says:

    Oh my goodness. 6 degrees.
    I hope your keeping warm inside.

    Gosh and the school kids, I mean really does their uniform cope with 6 degrees.

    Hope they keep them inside. Gosh and I was starting to think its getting cold here.

    take care, love mum

  16. chantelle says:

    Hi cinty,

    i hope you guys are all sweet. I’m just laxing at home on study break. I’m supposed to be studying :) i have one more exam then I’m on holiday. Please give xanthe and xavier a big hug and kiss from me. I miss all of you heaps, lots of love, your little blister xx

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