Internal Chaos

Only I could manage to rock up to the supermarket checkout, without my wallet. So parked up the trolley and dashed out to the car, “arggh” no wallet. Raced home, “gah” no wallet. Mad frantic searching of the car and wallet is found *smacks, head with hand*. Headed back down hill to pay for my groceries. Driving home again, with groceries this time, realised I had no idea where my cellphone was. Mad driving ensued one handed, navigating pot holes and roadworks, while fumbling around looking for the damn thing … found cellphone and a quick check showed no missed calls “phew”. Arrived home utterly flustered in need of a good stiff drink (but settled for a cup of tea), my kids completely oblivious to the internal chaoticness that is their mother.

Methinks it’s definitely time to

  • get more sleep at night
  • finish weaning off my PND meds


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3 Responses to Internal Chaos

  1. Flying Blind says:

    Great catching up with your ‘adventures’ in PNG!

    I feel for you in the missing purse/phone/keys scenario – I think I go through that most days! x

  2. Hay says:

    Yes been there. And I had no excuses, just call me Lil’ Miss Scatterbrain :/

  3. Amira says:

    Hi, my little family and I are moving up to Port Moresby hopefully by March. Those rainbow booties are AMAZING xx

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