DIY cardboard playhut from packing boxes

A couple of weeks ago we made Xaria a cardboard playhut from some of our old packing boxes.

The big kids gave it the once over, while waiting for Xaria to wake from her nap. Xanthe even made a cardboard garden to stick to the outside of the house with blue tac.

Xaria wakes from her nap, and spys it as soon as she comes up the stairs.

It was pretty much an instant hit.

Also makes a great spot to read a book.

Boo seems to be the favourite game to play in the hut.

Yay, the playhut’s a success!

I am so please with how this turned out. It only took 1 nap time, 2 old moving boxes, a roll of green duct tape, and a black marker to draw the roof tiles. My husband and the two big kids joined in here and there, so was a great family activity.

I was inspired by several places on the internet, as I’d initially intended to make a cardboard play kitchen. Xaria’s in love with the play kitchens two of her little friends have, and trying to source one here in PNG ain’t going to happen.  After doing a google search I decided a playhut would be a great place to start instead. I’ve linked to some of the sites below that inspired me:

Prudent Baby’s cardboard playhut
Family Fun Magazine’s cardboard kitchen
Beautifully Used’s $12 cardboard kitchen (with green duct tape, yay)
Cardboard hut on eHow

As I’ve already purchased some wooden kitchenware for Xaria’s birthday in June, a cardboard play kitchen is definitely on the cards. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to DIY cardboard playhut from packing boxes

  1. Hay says:

    I love it, the tape is a genius touch!

  2. Lauren says:

    This is a gorgeous little house cant wait to make my little man one (I have a daughter named Xanthe as well beautiful name)

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