{life} a little slice of home

NZ Milk, apples and kiwifruit

A little slice of Kiwiana from Boroko Foodworld in Gordons (Port Moresby, PNG)

It might be UHT milk, but at least it’s from good ole NZ.  Along with a handful of home-grown kiwifruit and apples.

Just another whirlwind sprint through the supermaket with two thirds of my children in tow.

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3 Responses to {life} a little slice of home

  1. Hay says:

    Awwww, nice. I saw that you posted about a supermarket. Is it owner operated or a big chain….? <——*curious supermarket manager's wife*

    • Jacinta says:

      lol Hay … family owned and operated, apparently they’re refugees who come to PNG many moons ago with nothing, and started up a little store that grew and then grew some more into a supermarket. And just the other week they opened another supermarket this side of town. Yay!!!!

  2. Hay says:

    Awesome.Wouldn’t want to deal with the shoplifters though :/

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