200 kms round the yacht club

199kms 203kms

Finally saw my dailymile counter click over into the two hundreds yesterday. I may be slow, but I’m still going.  Most of those kms have been clocked up running laps around the yacht club here in Port Moresby…

I’ve logged a little bit all over the place since doing the Couch 2 5k program last year, such as runkeeper and nike+.  But this year I’ve been logging each run into the dailymile website to keep it all together. Thanks for puting me onto it Hay.

My asic gel runners airing on the deck, the little pouch holds my nike+ sensor chip.

I still use runkeeper to map my runs via the GPS on my cellphone, and if I could when I can calibrate my nike+ chip properly I’ll continue to use that too. The sportband watch / shoe chip is a handy dandy wee thing, with less faffing about then an app on the smartphone … but for most of this year it’s been under-calculating runs (very depressing to see 30 minutes register for less than 1/2 km).  Will try and get it sorted when I’m back home in New Zealand over christmas.

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3 Responses to 200 kms round the yacht club

  1. Hay says:

    You are doing such a great job, clocking up those kilometres! I bet that run is beautiful, but hot! You’ll probably have to wear thermals in summer when you get back 😉 Sorry your Nike thing doesn’t work, do you think it’s a PNG thing?

    • Jacinta says:

      Thanks Hay. I really like the nike+ sportband, so easy and handy. I just need to spend some time on a pre-mapped out track to do some short runs and walks to calibrate it, I think. In the past I’ve done my normal run with the sportband, whilst mapping with with my phone, then gone home and tried to calibrate it and the distance is so far off, that what I actually ran is not even an option to select. It worked fine when I got it, but then I was running on a treadmill for the first month or so, so not sure if my outdoor running is different … and then it’s just progressively got worst. But no worries, will get it sorted :)

  2. Madison says:

    One day I’m going to try running in the moinrng during the week. Until then I’ll just save that for the weekends. It’s bad enough I don’t get a day to sleep in as it is!I used the runkeeper app for awhile before I got my Garmin but I was a new runner and didn’t realize picking up satellites took awhile, so I decided the app sucked and moved on. I run with my phone, too but I keep track of everything with my Garmin

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