I’m a closet book-worm from way-back. For Christmas 2011 my lovely hubby bought me a Kindle Fire. It’s perfect as here in Papua New Guinea books are hugely expensive, difficult to source, and cost a fortune to ship when buying from overseas. The solution, digital books. Electronic shipping means I can start reading instantly. Perfect! Here’s what I’ve been engrossed in ever since:


Cross Stitch / Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
I am totally in love with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon after reading my late nana’s novel “Cross Stitch”. I am now working my way through the entire collection on my kindle.



As much as I love my kindle fire, here’s my negative points about it:

  • I can’t read books while lazying about in the bath
  • When I leave wifi turned on for facebook, email, surfing google, blah blah blah, I find it chews through the battery
  • It’s far to easy to “accidentally” order books as it’s simply a one click process. I’vemanaged to purchase one book with out realising it, when all I thought I was doing was reading the reviews
  • I can’t view my amazon wish list via my kindle
  • I found the online store and search facility via my kindle very clunky to use

PS: I’m an Amazon Affiliate so if you click my links and purchase I get credits towards more books. Yay! And by the way, thanks for helping support my addiction =)

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2 Responses to Book-Worm

  1. mum\nana says:

    Sweetie, glad you loved that book.
    I loved Cross Stitch too and regularly re read them.
    love mum

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