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Happy Birthday to my lil Sister

Happy Birtday Chantelle.  Hope you’re having fun with the rubber stamps. Thought you could use those now that you’re a school teacher. As you can tell I had a wee play around with them firsting making some stickers and die-cuts.

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And then, there were three…

Lately, I’ve been peeing a lot on sticks.   The first time I was pretty confident that I must have done it wrong: But there’s no denying my second attempt a couple of days later: Yep, I’m pregnant.  Xanthe wants a girl, … Continue reading

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Car Mechanics

Just been for a drive in the car with our mechanic so he can diagnose what’s wrong with it. I wanted to slap him around the ears and tell to stop driving with the palm of his hand or the … Continue reading

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Retro sunnies

I’m just getting a head start on Christmas. Today I ordered these Retro Baby Banz sunnies in white, for Joseph’s yet to be born bubba. I nearly brought the classic pink style … but I love how funky/rock star looking … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines

We spent the morning at the yearly Thieves Market in the Octagon, and had a hangi for lunch. It was freezing this morning, so we headed off wearing six layers of clothing, peeling it off as the day warmed up. … Continue reading

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