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Morning coffee, complete with the baby's snuggly and pacifier

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  3. Terri says:

    My name is Terri and I emailed your husband a few weeks ago to ask a heap of questions. My husband was following his blog. Would just like to say thanx for the information he gave and that I love your craftwork especially the hand puppet!!! I have a girlfriend in Auckland that does the TINY crochet animals with big eyes, cant remember the name, i thought it was a dying art.

    Anyway if you had a friend coming from NZ to stay what 10 essentials would you ask them to bring you a supply of?????

    Also what school are the kids at?
    on a weekend you pop out as a family to where?……..

    and do you recall the shipping company you used? to send your stuff up…..

    Thanks for your help
    Kind Regards Terri

  4. Lauren Smuts says:

    Hi Jacinta.

    I love reading your blog, always makes me smile and gives me re-assurance that our time in PNG will be something special.

    My fiancé (40, Greek) and I (29, South African) will be moving to POM for him to start work in early August. As u can imagine, the Internet is not very positive regarding PNG, but we are excited for the new adventure. I will not be working, so my days will need to be spent doing something…..anything. Is it safe, what can be done to pass time, for going for coffee to shopping etc. Also, as new expats moving to PNG, where do u suggest the best place to meet fellow expats?

    We have lived in many countries which are equally as dangerous as PNG such as Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Egypt, but PNG seems to get the most negative coverage online.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. Maybe says:

    Hi Jacinta, thanks for your great blog. It has been really useful for our early research.

    My husband has been approached about a possible position with the Australian Govt in Port Moresby for 2 years. We have a young son who would be 2 when the job starts.

    I’d love to chat to you about the realities of life in POM.

  6. Vanee says:

    Hi Jacinta
    I have been enjoying reading your blog and have been investigating the internet for info on life in Port Moresby. Can I email you some questions please?


  7. Erin says:

    Hello! We were based in Moresby for 3 years, but I don’t think that I ran into you. Could you email me back? I would love to get in touch on having kids there (I’m currently in Canada waiting for our first child, due in December). My hubby is still in POM, and I’ll be heading back early next year.
    So happy to find your blog!!

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Jacinta. Love you and your husbands blogs – very informative! Like the many others who have commented here I am looking to pick your brain about life in PNG! We are currently in Auckland but my partner has been offered a job there with expat package and we are trying to decide if it is the right thing for our family ( we have a 1 year old son). I wouldn’t work so am very interested to hear how you fill your days and how safe you feel if you leave the”compound”
    Would be great to hear from you. Thanks :)

  9. MARGARET says:

    Hi I was wondering around the internet a few weeks ago a saw a post you had showing how to make a “dummy” she is so cute. I saved your site and checked on pintrest but did not find it again. I would love to make one like that i don’t sew much but looked easy enough…..please reshare.
    BTW Happy sailing!

  10. MARGARET says:

    Hi I was wondering around the internet a few weeks ago a saw a post you had showing how to make a “dummy” she is so cute. I saved your site and checked on pintrest but did not find it again. I would love to make one like that i don’t sew much but looked easy enough…..please reshare. BTW Happy sailing!

  11. Zoe dalton says:

    Hi Jacinta,

    I am a week from heading out to Moresby, by partner has been there since the 12th April. We have a 4 year old gorgeous little man, and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant, needless to say, I seem to be getting cold feet. We have a lovely apartment in Moresby, so I’m not concerned about housing, I have been to png twice as my mum lived on the marina for 4 years. What I am worried about it getting my wee man involved into sports and meeting other kids etc as when I was over there visiting, it’s not something that I looked into.
    Can I ask you what kind of things you and the family do in the weekends? Are there lots of places for families to go and do?
    I am looking forward to coming over, will just have to keep myself occupied also.
    Love to hear from you.
    Thanks again

  12. H says:

    Hi Jacinta, you probably get hundreds of these kinds of queries….sorry about that!

    I have been following you and your husband’s blogs for more than a year now and really enjoy the updates. My husband and I lived in POM the 1980’s, now we are thinking of going back again for another stint. There is currently a job being advertised with a PNG company based in POM. The pay and conditions are very good but I am trying to find out more info about the company given it is a national company. I also have a couple of other questions I’d like to ask either you or your husband. Can I email you pls?
    Thanks for your time. Keep the updates coming…
    Cheers :0)

  13. Ronaze says:


    I am considering a job offer in Business Development with Digicel in PNG. Primary objective of the job is to generate mobile advertising revenue across Digicels’ SMS messaging, USSD and display advertising products through direct sales to local brands and agencies.

    Any tips or advice on what the current market for this product/service is like?
    How competitive is it? What’s the best way to network?

    Also what are your thoughts on package – $60k USD Net Annual Salary + Comms, $780 US Monthly Living Allowance Accommodation, car pool, normal business tools.

    I will be based in POM, how safe is it really?

    Just curious, Could I survive living on the monthly allowance $780 USD???

    Would really appreciate your feedback.

  14. Marie says:

    I have enjoyed your blog so much as well as your husbands. We are considering a possible move there with two small children – around your youngest s age. I would love to pick your brain about schools, living, mom questions…. Thank you so much!!

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